Deadline Extended: 2/15 – Business/Econ China



Business & Economics in China still has spots available on their short-term program going this May. If the program doesn’t fill its quota there is a chance it may be cancelled. Please inform your classmates if you’re interested in this program and encourage them to apply now!


Questions? Contact program leaders Dahui Li and Xin Liang directly.


2016 Photo Contest Call for Entries

2016 Study Abroad Photo Contest Exhibit


Returned, current UMD students who have participated in a year, semester or short-term study abroad program (UMD or Affiliate program) are eligible to enter original photographs from the following terms:

  • 2014 Fall or
  • 2015 Spring, May, Summer or Fall

If you’re currently abroad you may enter next year’s contest. “Study abroad” may include internships and/or credit bearing studies. This does not include personal vacation travel that occurred abroad outside your study abroad experience. (I.e. a family vacation abroad.)

Unfortunately we cannot accept photos for this contest if you have graduated. The International Programs & Services funds are expendable to current UMD students only. Since the contest is conducted utilizing UMD funds, it can only be open to current students (and not members of the public). We apologize for this.

$100 in Prizes! – Award Categories

Top 6 photos in each category will be displayed in the UMD Northern Shores Coffee Shop.

  • CULTURE – Photos in this category are to portray your country’s local culture. It can range from traditions, people, the local scene, fairs, holidays, celebrations, festivals or other cultural activities that showcase your study abroad country!
    • Judging  –  is based on artistic/aesthetic composition, whether or not the image portrays the culture well or in an interesting way, whether or not it sparks curiosity or interest and if the description helps to tell the story or bring an interesting perspective to the image captured.
  • PLACES – Photos in this category are to showcase anything from nature’s beauty to scenic panoramas, local city-scapes, monuments, markets, architecture or your favorite point of interest.
    • Judging  –  is based on the aesthetic/artistic composition or cropping of the image; whether or not it is shot from an interesting or unique location that is clearly outside the U.S.; whether or not the image sparks curiosity or interest and whether the description adds to how the photo is interpreted.
  • SELFIE – Pretty selfie explanatory…but we’re looking for a selfie of you in a unique location abroad!
    • Judging  –  will be based on how well the image is composed or cropped and whether or not it showcases you in a unique location that was clearly taken abroad.

Rules & How to Enter – DUE FEB. 28th

  1. You may enter up to three (3) original high-resolution photographs, one per category. Please read instructions thoroughly!
    1. Photo files must be high quality/high-resolution (a minimum of 1MB in size.) If file-size is too small they will be disqualified. (Do not copy photos from Facebook or the web, we need the native, original high-resolution photo file for professional printing purposes. If you have questions contact
    2. Photos with alcohol/drugs present will be disqualified—so don’t include shots of that nature.
    3. Sorry, no square format or Instagram format photos.
  2. Rename your photo file(s) for each category! (If you do not rename them, you will be disqualified.) Please provide a description about your photos. Your descriptions may affect how your photo is perceived and/or judged—so craft them well!
    1. Culture_FirstLastName_Country_Year
    2. Places_FirstLastName_Country_Year
    3. Selfie_FirstLastName_Country_Year 
  3. Complete the online application (follow instructions in the application for uploading your photos.)

All entries become property of International Programs & Services and Study Abroad office. We reserve the rights to use any entered photographs in future promotional efforts.

>> ENTER: Photographs & completed entry applications are due midnight: Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016.

No more than one prize may be awarded per person.


$100 visa card to the top photograph each category:

  • Culture
  • Places
  • Selfie

Photos are judged by UMD International Programs & Services staff. Top photos in each category will be displayed in UMD’s Northern Shores Coffee shop. Winners will be announced at the end of March! Stay tuned…